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You know the rare feeling you get sometimes while reading? That the words either seem to be coming from your own private thoughts – in which case there’s a small panic while you quickly check to see if your diary is still under your pillow – journal I mean. Or you feel the imaginary cameras that film your life movie zooming in because what you’re reading was obviously divinely or cosmicly  placed there for you to read. Well, this morning while scrolling through my morning reads I came across this post on Design For Mankind. The topic – the increase in technology use and our decrease in physical interaction with nature and other people….and all of this prompted by the new collection from fashion designer Masha Reva. Some images of her collection above – note the loading bar on the back of the sweater.

What made this even more relevant for me was that I just watched the documentary Happy which focuses on this too. It prompted me to ask myself when have I been the happiest. I can tell you the first two memories that come to mind are college days – when I got paid minimum wage, living off of black beans and oatmeal because I was spending my money on art supplies and in a house with eight other people that was constantly filled with guests. The other, while studying abroad  in europe without a laptop or cellphone and living with 16 other students. It’s a sentiment conveyed many times but somehow I keep forgetting and find myself inching down the other road.

Don’t get me wrong, my job heavily relies on technology and I think it is essential for some things and definitely appreciate it’s efficiency in certain areas. But I need to be better at limiting myself to what I use it for – some things should take time to do. I’ve realized if my goal in using technology is to be more efficient and time effect then I need to also make sure the time I’m “saving” is being used to enjoy the tangible things around me and investing in relationships.

Let’s hope this sticks.

  1. caitlyn said:

    I was happiest in Europe, too! Love your blog and your thoughts…..

    • it’s a great place isn’t it?! i’m going back for a visit in august but i think i also need to start cultivate that way of living here in my daily life because those place tickets really break the piggy bank. haha.

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