Feeling restless on this gloomy LA day. This weekend I got my first notice from a grad school – I have an interview with them next month!


I’ve always had trouble being “present” and with the anticipation of grad school acceptances I’m starting to feel that itch to uproot myself again. Here’s to hoping I’ve grown up a little and will make the most sensible choice and not the most impulsive one (unless they happen to be the same somehow in which I’m hoping they are but rarely find that to be the case). I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

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p.s – on anther note, I just found out it’s acceptable to end a sentence with a preposition! i know, mind blowing, right? how did all the Mr. Feenys of the world miss that?


For a girl who has yet to master the art of taking a compliment without pretending to not hear what was said or anxiously laughing while trying to turn it into some kind of joke – red roses, heart shaped chocolates and professions of love are images of a deep personal hell. Ok, maybe h-e-l-l is too strong of a word. Let’s say it’s more like that recurring dream where you have to give a speech and not only do you have no idea what topic you are supposed to be discussing but you’re also completely naked. In light of this, here’s a message to every boy (or girl) who has mustered up the courage to give a sincere compliment, make a romantic gesture or express their love in someway only to be “unheard” or wrapped up in the whirlwind of the other person’s neurosis: THANK YOU! That’s what we should have said and undoubtably what we wanted to say. We’ll get there someday so please keep at it you brave souls and forgive us less evolved creatures. We all have our own “weird” things, right?


…here’s a cheeky valentine for you all.


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Oh hi, remember me? I made a fairly on a whim decision to apply to for grad school (MFA) for this next fall semester. That meant confining myself to a cold warehouse where I frantically made weird art things and littered the floor with pizza boxes. But applications are done now and I’ll be back to my old tricks. 


Art Portfolio - incase you’re the suspicious type and need proof.

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I’m quite proud of myself. In an attempt to avoid the usual stress fest of “night before flight” packing I’ve started to slowly round up the essentials. Which realistically of course aren’t real life essentials but more Olsen twins summer movie props – but hey, C’EST LES VACANCES.


I’m about to put all my objectivity and grown up perspectives aside and recede to my inner teenage girl. You’ll want to close your eyes for the next couple sentences if you don’t think you’re ready for this jelly.

1. woven shoes to complete that summer sixties dream feel – check!

….also, impending foot blisters complete with a constant aroma of sweaty cheese feet – check & check.

2. instax mini to have nostalgic photos that’ll look cute on your dorm room bulletin board – check.

….alot of photos of the inside of your purse? also, check.

3. lolita inspired heart sunglasses – cheeeeeeck!

….some how every article of flamboyant clothing I’d never wear on a regular basis has made it’s way into my suitcase leaving no room for any practical articles. doesn’t that always happen? hmmmm. poor packing selection made up of a ton of clothes you won’t actual wear? CHECK!

I think I’m ready! Europe, here I come.


4. Guilty pleasure reading that MK & A Olsen would never be seen with? no comment.

….ok this book isn’t really embarrassing….but I also bought this one

Ok, I have to go to my last french lesson now and hope I become a linguistic genius in those two hours so my boyfriend’s family won’t judge me for not knowing french. Gah, scared.


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